Project Information

Curriculum Unit Designed by:
Hetty Roessingh

August 30,2011

Theme Title:
Blue Jeans

Introduce ESL learners to teen culture/transitional academic skills (skills booster)

Student Profile of Target Group:

Division Four (ages 15-19)

General Proficiency

Download Resources:

Click here if you wish to download all the resources as a .zip file.

Core Objectives:





Idiomatic uses of words: cool/uncool, mad, rule


Wh- questions: which

Tag questions: He can sing, can't he?

Comparative and superlative forms of adjectives


asking about or seeking factual information


Core Objectives:


Core Objectives:


Concepts List:


Teen culture

Peer influence

Supply and demand

Conformity vs. individuality

Content Specific Concepts:

Labels matter Kids are willing to pay Denim - work wear to designer chic Specialty shop locations: Gap, Club Monaco Levi Strauss was "king"

Material Content

Realia Information:

Magazines (Poster project)

Audio information:


Text Information:

Newspaper stories/clippings Teacher prepared questions Teacher prepared writing scaffolds Teacher prepared interview grid

Lesson Overview

  1. The look I like (Assessing baseline knowledge) Poster project
  2. Learning about jeans (Building background knowledge & 3 types of questions.) Newspaper clippings
  3. My Jeans Scaffolded writing
  4. Can we talk? Contact assignment with native English speakers
  5. Let's compare notes... Group work
  6. Let me show you what they told me... Making key visuals
  7. Let me tell you what they told me... Presenting data using key visuals
  8. Blue Jeans - more than just a pair of pants 5-paragraph essay, writing process
  9. March to the beat with smart pants recycling, extending, background knowledge and reading strategies
  10. School's no place for individuality Mini-test

Learning Tasks

Sample heading

List of items

  • first item
  • second item
  • third item


Assessment Strategies

Authentic assessment: read newspaper article and answer 3 levels of questions.

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